"I wanna understand how sails work.."

"..Let's build one!" 🦊

It's been really interesting to play with & see how it responds. I think it needs some controls somehow on the three points of contact for tension.

Updated the microsail to have jam cleats, using a split in the wood (thanks @rek). Now it's able to be much tighter.

I've realized that the sail is actually too big for the mast & boom! I cut the fabric to match those dimensions, but to get a really tight-trimmed sail, I think the sail needs to actually be *smaller* than the triangle of space here, so that it can have room when it needs to be stretched.

@sunflower_avenue I *love* non-water vehicles using sails! brings me much joy 💜

@tty XD this is so cool. You can carve a thin slot at the top end of the 'mast' and end of the 'boom' to run the line through for tension maybe?

@rek Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking!

I'm trying to figure out how to create miniature cleats for securing the lines. My first try was to bend staples into a horn cleat shape and hammer them in, but they snap too easily in the bending process. >__<

@tty the slot may be enough to jam the line, but if it isn't you can probably just wrap it around the boom or mast once afterwards, and then maybe run the end of the line under itself to lock it. Adding like a thin nail in the mast to wrap the line round once before locking it might also work, like a sewing machine does for tension?

@rek Great ideas. I'll let you know how it goes >:)

EDIT: as soon as some heckin' wind actually comes this way

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