SUVs are loathed by everyone except the people who drive them; and in a city the size of London, a few dozen people could in a short space of time make the ownership of these cars impossible, just by running keys down the side of them, at a cost to the owner of several thousand pounds a time.

Say fifty people vandalizing four cars each every night for a month: six thousand trashed SUVs in a month and the Chelsea tractors would soon be disappearing from our streets.


@neauoire "Two women who vandalized the Dakota Access pipeline in an effort to halt construction have been indicted on charges that carry up to **110 years** in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. They are among the harshest penalties environmental activists have faced in the last decade.

Civil liberties lawyers say the charges are in line with industry-inspired scare tactics meant to deter citizens from participating in direct-action protests or acts of sabotage against oil and gas companies."

@neauoire I hate how these industries are able to make any act of defiance so life-destroying.

@tty @neauoire also consider that London is one of (if not the) city with most cameras on its streets in Europe

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