Seeking recommendations for an e-ink book reader device with minimal lockdown & proprietary crap.

Ideally that can be easily found used.

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@tty personal counterpoint: i keep using my kindle keyboard and send shit to it with calibre πŸ™ˆ (sending rec cause imo it's definitely worth it if used :)

@cblgh What part of this is the counterpoint?

Re: sending content to it, so, you can, like, open Calibre and wirelessly send epubs over to the kindle? Did you jailbreak it or anything? How was the process?

@tty it was a counterpoint to yr request's defined parameters, as in "hey there's a lotta reading to be done even in the proprietary jungle!"

i literally just want to use my kindle to read a lot, and it has been fantastic at that job since 2011

> sending content to it, so, you can, like, open Calibre and wirelessly send epubs over to the kindle

yup! kinda spooky that it goes through an amazon-attached email though, but it's literally "add book to calibre, press 'send-and-convert' button"

@tty no jailbreak, just needed to tweak some calibre settings in a graphical ui for adding the correct amazon-email. the amazon-email is an email address they create for you for sending books to yr kindle; needs an amazon account to work, but you can register a random az acc for that purpose and should work fine

you can also skip all of that and go the usb route as devine, but i ehh don't ^^

@cblgh @tty I never have internet access, so I normally don't bother with cloud services. ^^;

@tty not sure what do you mean by lockdown, but I just copy epub files to my 6.8" Kobo and they work. The reader itself is just great, I'd say one of the best.
And 6" Kobo Glo HD (one with 300ppi Carta screen) can be had for $75 refurbished (they're actually like new) on aliexpress, IMHO that's a bargain.

@tty it has a micro-USB port, I just connect it to my PC, and it's detected as mass storage device

@tty If budget is a constraint, get a used Kindle or Kobo. If Kindle, jailbreak it and add KOreader. If budget is not a concern, I would get a Boox Nova 3 (or Air), Kobo Sage (or Elipsa) or the Remarkable2. Good reviews of these here:

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