Where would you want to (or do) live?

Feel free to reply with other answers!

I've been really wanting to spend some experimental time in a desert area. I think they're really beautiful & alive in their own way.

@tty recommended readings about Desert naturalism in the style of Berry, Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire :)

@neauoire Thanks!

I've been really inspired by Matt Graham, who has been pursuing a personal understanding of indigenous methods of thriving in nature (esp. desert environments).

@tty I currently live in the desert, but aim to put myself down on the cusp between forest and sea :heart_cybre:

@tty in practice probably forest. But i read sky and got really excited about the idea of airships and how cool that could be


this is a tough choice for me. i selected forest but could just have easily picked desert. i've enjoyed the time i've spent in arid regions; lots of neat creatures and adaptations in dry landscapes.

ideally, i'd live at the interface of an arid and forested region - best of both worlds :) diversity is greatest at the interface and i feel most comfortable on the edge.

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