Last Sunday I got to hang out with @sunflower_avenue in her local woods & I got to be her first basket weaving student. ^_____^

She guided me through making this little basket out of invasive english ivy. So so so happy with it! Thank you so much Sun!

Sometimes I get surprised when I don't get much of a response to toots that *I* think are "a big deal". I wonder if it's just different values?

To me, the ability to create containers using natural local materials is ____so frickin cool___! It's empowering, a creativity opportunity, and creates useful things without producing non-biodegradable waste!

Baskets are remarkably badass.


Containers are such an essential technology: try going a day without using any!

@lilletale hehe, I'm enjoying the positive peer pressure on this >:)


@tty I saw this post first on my TL and thought it was a shark directed towards docker or kubernetes or something 🙃

@IngaLovinde lol!

I hate how technology has eclipsed certain terminology!

I used to work at an org that worked in the amazon (the rainforest), and people would constantly think I worked at the company. >__<

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