"Someone is going to wire up their Super Nintendo to a solar panel array, and folks from all walks of life are going to come over to play Street Fighter, or just to watch. We’re all going to grow most of our own food, and we’re all going to deal with our own trash, wash our own dishes."

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@tty ok. Now I'm wondering about the power draw of each Nintendo console.

@teslas_moustache Wow! I was actually expecting the newer consoles to be more energy efficient! lol nooope!

@teslas_moustache A raspberry pi needs 5 watts, which is more than an SNES, rad. Very powerable via solar

@tty I think it would be ill advised to go without a battery. For anything more complex than a light or a motor, a charge controller is required so as not to damage circuitry.

Also, many monitors require alternating current, so we would need an inverter to convert the solar's DC to AC. Although laptops and phones obviously run off of DC. Modern TVs and monitors also probably have, like, built in inverters, but we'd have to make sure not to disturb the voltage and current regulators.

Oh yeah, we also haven't *really* looked at current draw. (Power is a function of voltage and current, but still.)

HOWEVER, I think on a hot day when nobody wants to work outside we could totally chill indoors playing video games without draining the batteries much at all.

@tty idk if you're on Facebook (I'm not) but apparently a lot of peoole are selling solar panels that are over 10 years old because efficiency goes down by like 5-10%. Scrounge around and you might find something fairly cheap.

@teslas_moustache I hadn't considered using used panels -- that's a great idea. I'm not on facebook either, though I see lots on craigslist

@tty ok this is the best thing i've read today thank you for sharing this!

@vanillacherry oh yay, I'm glad! What does it bring up for you? For me it gets me really jazzed about how different & beautiful the world could be, and how nice it'd be to work together more in positive ways

@tty kinda same as you, but it also made me think a bit about who i'd be in that sort of world.

also made me wonder how much power my pda charger draws.

@tty probably something between librarian and mechanist. tinkering with parts and doing maintenance but also like....books. maybe id read to kids or something as well.

@tty This was a great read, thank you so much for sharing.

@tty Oh that's great! I love the idea of a gift economy now~
Although I'm not in fully agreement in everything, I want to steer my lifestyle more towards this form of post-civ style. Thanks again!

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