"Archer's Knot": youtube.com/watch?v=vXu3NgWHMv

A really handy knot where the loop stays fixed /w tension on the standing end, and the working end can be cinched to shrink the loop.

Fun fact: this knot seems to be the complement of the Arbor Knot (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbor_kn), where standing end tension cinches the loop & the working end doesn't.

Also, handy rope terminology that really helped me out: ropebook.com/information/knots

@tty I've wanted a not that behaves like a logic gate or opamp for a long time, does something like this already exist ?
(also is there one that'd let me quickly join / unjoin two ropes without having to look at them ? that'd be perfect for holding my glasses on)

@bx Can you clarify further re: logic gate?

Re: join/unjoining ropes (these are sometimes called "bends"), hmm, if it just needs to hold a light load like yer glasses, just an overhand knot with the two strings together is simple enough to do by feel (I just tested this).

So, you'd do this fella (animatedknots.com/overhand-kno) but put the ropes side-by-side and tie it like it was one rope, if that makes sense.

@tty I mean some kind of knot of one or more pieces of rope that could have 3 bits comming off with 2 inputs and 1 output, applying tention on the inputs would affect tention on the outputs, for example an AND knot, would only have tention on it's output when it has tention on both its inputs


@bx Hmm. It's an interesting question! I'm not even sure how to imagine what this'd look like!

Like, when you say "have 3 bits coming off", what does that even mean?

@tty either 3 ends or 3 loops i guess, i too find it kinda hard to visualise, i think i'd need some kind of static frame to tie it around,
essensially i want to build a rope computer

@bx I think the key at this step is to figure out how to formulate what bits and inputs and outputs mean exactly re: ropes. Another difference between a flow of electrons (and even flowing water) is that for a given knot, when tension stops being applied, knots don't generally loosen themselves back up, so the presence of a tightened knot doesn't imply that the bit is flipped on, just that it was *at one point* flipped on.

@tty I was thinking that could be resolved by having an extra "power" input to all gate knots, the power input always has tention, and the knot could use the power tension to reset it self to a "ground state" somehow.
(i would love to keep talking about this but i have to go to bed)

@bx I was thinking about that too! Each rope could have a weight on one end providing constant tension.

@tty @bx I saw something that mentioned "knot ciphers" and was trying to find more information, but it led me to this. Not what you're looking for, but interesting nonetheless. youtube.com/watch?v=aqyyhhnGra

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