@vanillacherry I was really intimidated & confused when I first started. I didn't realize that it took time for my brain to learn to "think in knots". So don't be off-put if it's frustrating at first, if possible!

I started with this cute little book: amazon.com/Why-Knot-Ingenious-

I used this as a reference frequently, or just to look for something new to try: animatedknots.com (if you search for any knot from here on youtube you'll likely be able to find a variety of videos done differently that'll help it *click* for you).

When I see a knot used in practice & ask its name (or maybe it's on tv and they say it), I'll look it up and see if I can reproduce it. I don't find "tying knots for the heck of it" very interesting -- it's when it has a use in my life that it gets exciting!

Over time you'll start to build a "knot knack", where you begin to see all sorts of daily situations where rope + knots could be used to solve your problems.


@vanillacherry Try to keep on building your inventory of knots! The more you know, even if you still need to look it up each time for a while, the more you'll spot applicable situations for them!

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