What do y'all solarpunks use for underarm sweatiness & scent?

Store bought deodorants seem to frequently give me rashes.


i haven't used deodorant in many years. have you ever tried to stop using it for a few months and see what happens?

i only wear cotton or merino t-shirts and i find that makes a big difference. i had a synthetic shirt a few years back and it always smelled unpleasant after use.

same experience here.. synthetics start smelling after half a day. naturals are way better!

@glyph I haven't! I didn't have a reason to assume things would change. Is your thinking that the deodorant I'm using is inducing the smell/sweat?

Thanks for the tip on synthetics (you too @woozong!) -- I'll check and see what my shirts are made of.


might be good to give it a try and see if the microbiome of your armpits stabilises (like @neauoire was wondering). it could be that the chemicals in the deodorant are disrupting the balance - though i've never specifically read any research on that.

i think diet also plays a role in body odour.

i guess there's also a question about the perception of body-related smells in our societies. do we really need to be covering up our animal scents all the time? maybe we go a lil overboard.

@glyph @neauoire Bigger than scent for me (which HRT has drastically reduced) is sweat. I am just, like, *always* kinda sweating, and my clothes get gross. .___.

@glyph @tty I've also stopped using deodorant a few years ago, and after a week or two, it stopped smelling(maybe I stopped noticing that I was smelly?)

I wonder if it's related to how when you pickle food, for a week the bacteria battles and it smells, and afterward it stabilizes and the smell goes away.

@tty bicarbonate of soda if/when needed. Also for foot.

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