What would your solarpunk dream "job" be?

By "job", I mean: what kinds of things would you want to do in/for/with your community that brings you 🌟?

I think for me it'd helping folx repair stuff, find new uses for old things, and teach sustainable lo-tech replacements for hi-tech stuff folx thought they needed but didn't. Oh! And going off on adventures to forage foods & natural materials.

Positively delighted by the responses folx are giving. ^____^

@tty I'd ferry post/mail, something to do with communication.

@tty I love exploring ruins of factories and such, the northeastern US is absolutely covered with them. Many of them still have lots of old documents/equipment inside. I've been in abandoned warehouses full of old cranes and heavy machinery that hasn't been used for decades. I'd love to be a scrapper/archivist whose job is to wander around places like these, A. scanning documents to archive what the place used to be and B. tagging equipment that can be scrapped for materials or even refurbished and brought back to life.

@tty @neauoire
Woodworking. I want to hang out all day in a lean-to making chairs and tables

@tty Kira I would answer almost exactly the same as you! Also this whole thread is adorably perfect and I want it to continue!

@tty I'd like to develop means of communication like Gopher and IRC, things that could run reliably at 20kB/s and on a 47MHz CPU with tmux and TLS being the fanciest things on the system, and especially working on internationalizing just what'd be useful rather than 100s of Electron apps.

Maybe something like, but as a dynamic gopherhole, if such a thing even makes sense

@tty I would love to help with fixing broken things, maintain power from wind and solar and build up a decentralized mesh network based on simple things like Gemini.


i'd love to focus on ecologically-integrated mushroom cultivation, mycoreforestation, filtration and restoration - with teaching being a large part of that.

for a change of pace, i'd like to play the role of bicycle messenger / courier as well (i'm imagining multi-day rides between villages).

thanks for asking such a hopeful and fun question ^_^

@glyph Aw, I really like your answer glyph :D

I'm so happy & inspired by the things people are writing!

@tty Either renovation/recycling or textile production. Probably both.

@lilletale @tty I'd see myself keeping the streets clean, and patching clothes. Also growing food and foraging (sustainably).

I really want to learn 3 sisters planting, and have it be something I can pass on.

but also just teach in general, teach our young'ns about the world and a lot of things that you need to learn as you grow older. I feel like a lot of it gets lost between "should they learn it in school, from their parents or their peers".

If I had to choose only one? Food I think.

@maloki @tty I mean, I could teach, but that’s sort of my non-solarpunk job, so I didn’t clock it as a solarpink job.

@lilletale but there's so much teaching to do, and I kind of didn't necessarily adhere to specific utopian future. But more like "when paying rent and having food on the table is not a major concern, what would you do to".


@tty growing stuff. Food, weed, loofah sponges, whatever.

That and taking care of chickens.

@tty gardening and tinkering/inventing. Which is what I’m trying to migrate towards in current reality too. Go figure.

@tty Creativity, natural history, and cooking. Art therapy, crochet and crafts for making useful items, foraging. ^.^

I'd like to be tinkering with the scavenged electronics, program the tidbits so they can be useful to our community. HAM radio operator/maintainer maybe.
Help out where I can, tell stories at the campfires at night.

I want to be a solar guerilla, installing unsanctioned solar power on the grid at peoples homes.

I would really like to publish a comic book series. Find someone who can draw and paint and then tell a hero story...

@tty Probs teaching how to scythe. Hopefully alongside peeps who have the skills to learn how to craft new metal blades and new wooden bodies for new scythes. Because for real, scythes are the hot new tech tool of the future!

And in relation to scything, teaching how to re-introduce and restore meadows, and how to sustainably manage forests to re-introduce lost bio-diversity whilst also allowing for communal harvesting of fuel and building materials.

@tty Producing food. Redesigning physical spaces and processes. Tinkering.

@tty metalwork! that and anything manual labour really, it's mostly what I do now but it'd feel a lot better about it if my work was actually useful to peeps in my community

@tty something related with research and education, which is what I’m going for now anyway. I wouldn’t also mind helping with construction work, gardening or cooking.

I'd help keep the networks and computers running and I'd run art classes for kids.

Growing herbs and making medicine, making clothes

@tty librarian, physical or digital :3 in a situation where only few people have internet access, I'd love to distribute something like El Paquete Semanal

@tty also organizing warehouses in communal kitchens or shops. stacking things feels good ~

@tty Building homes, shelters, and buildings with locally sourced materials making and fixing tools, making art and music

@ritualdust @tty I would want to do everything. Help build and repair, electronics and communications, garden, teach children. I'd be very busy I think

@tty distribution organiser for local needs of supply and demand. I.e. community needs a crane, I am the one organising it. Need someone to repair the roofs of neighbour? I get them...

@tty Toymaking and repair- there's something wonderful about fixing up an old toy that someone loves. Same for clothing repair. Really, just fixing things that people love and making them last as long as possible.

Also, cooking food for the community would be really nice.

@tty Arboriculture. The side that shades into population ecology, because I basically can't look at an organism without thinking about how it interacts with others.

I'd babysit or teach children, assuming we have a less hierarchical school system (I wanna work *with* the kids, not against them)

I'd also volunteer to clean in public spaces like community centers, as long as i can be slow and listen to music while doing it

I'd like doing the same thing a few months at a time, but then take a break/ switch to something different. Also try out different "jobs"

@tty I'd continue being enthusiastic about too many things and would regularly appear whenever stuff is being built, woodworking was to be done, gardening, cooking, repairing, upcycling, going on foraging adventures for materials, crafting, making music, painting. I'd love to learn new things and teach the things I know.

@tty if there was still need for lorry drivers, I wouldn't mind doing that. Knowing people got their packages because of me when I hauled for mail services made me happy.

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