It's done!

I added the rest of the mood columns, and then made it into all pastels :3

gnuplot is really fun to work with!

These aren't the daily values, but rather the 2-week moving average!

The daily data is *way* too noisy to really notice trends in:

@tty this is really cool! How do you go about quantifying your emotions?

@cos thank you! I try and ask myself "how much depression do I feel today?", and usually a part will answer. Intuitively then, I'd say.

@tty how are you measuring it that it could be that noisy?

@Ash Could you rephrase the Q? I'm not sure I understand. It's a score from 0 to 5.

@tty Something about the way you phrased your post made me think it might’ve been an automated system rather than a self assessment

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