Is DS9 any good?

How does it compare (in your opinion) to TNG and VOY?

@tty DS9 is good; compared to TNG it’s less sci-fi, more social exploration within a sci-fi setting. Personally, I was seldom drawn in by the stories and characters, the same as Voy.

@tty it's my favorite. Sisko is my favorite captain. I echo what @vy says though re social exploration in a SciFi setting.

@tty It is good but very different from TNG or VOY.

This one isn't about exploring the galaxy. It's about staying in one place and dealing with the messy problems that arise.

The characters are less ideal and more relatable. The best solutions aren't always reached.

In a way it feels like DS9 goes into depth while others try to deal with a breadth of issues.

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