So, it seems that moving a magnet across a coil of copper wire makes an electrical current!??

This is.. bizarre. How the heck??? Utterly flabbergasted. This feels like a bug in the universe.

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If you move it faster, it makes the electrons go faster??? What the actual heck.

@tty somethin to do with "exciting" the electrons in the copper

@tty change in the magnetic field moves the electrons. Faster back and forth movement just makes the election change the direction of their movement faster. They still move at the same speed.

@meisam Why does increasing the number of wraps increase the current? Is it because more wire length increases the surface area available for electrons to sit & move on?

@tty awesome, right?! and the direction the magnet travels through that coil actually affects the direction of the current in a predictable and reproducible way

electrons are sneaky little buggers

@LazyTechsupport This is the "right hand rule", right? I was able to use this to predict the positivity/negativity of the current in my solenoid! I just don't understand, uh, *why* it works this way.

@tty i had to look it up again to confirm, but yes! and the left hand rule is for motors, which is where the current in the wire pushes the magnet rather than the magnet pushing the current

and yeah, electromagnetism is a deep rabbit hole that leads to all kinds of cool and implausible shit that you can experiment with at home

@tty btw, you can get multimeter test leads with alligator clips for really cheap these days!

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