Figured out the basics for drawing stuff I think. The docs are pretty great.

Also, I'm becoming a freaking ACME magician, I love the chords scheme thingy.


I think I will make a #plan9 cookbook with a bunch of examples files like I did for Think Pascal and 6502 Assembly.

Managed to compile asm6 with pcc and resume my 6502 work, only this time, in #plan9.

Dreams do come true.

Implemented bresenham line.
Left is #plan9's line() and right is bresenham.

I know I told myself I wouldn't waste time doing this but the #plan9 babyblue was NOT calming me down, at all.

Teaching myself how to mod rio. Added wallpapers support from scratch today. Plan9 is amazing, it's everything I was promised, it's now my main daily driver.

@neauoire By daily driver, do you mean for e.g. email and web browsing also?

@tty Yeah :) I've got it setup so I can do both of these things right now. Email is a bit tricky since our company email is a gmail, but I'm trying to sort that out now. It still works, but it throws a ton of errors that makes it hard to read anything properly.


@neauoire Also, omigosh, you can cat /dev/screen to get the pixels? That's.. just.. so beautiful.

@tty I know right!! Have you read The Art Of Unix Programming?

@neauoire Yes! I read it maybe ~4 years ago, and still refer back to it once and a while.

@tty @neauoire it seems it's the season, had the same issue last week...

@lkundrak @neauoire I never liked that article. It fails to consider the semantic clarity that `cat` can impart, which I consider *extremely* useful.

@lkundrak @neauoire Are you being sarcastic? I can try to explain, if you don't know what I mean.

@tty @neauoire partly, actually. I do have a theory about what you meant, but it's actually a little bit embarrassing and it's probably incorrect. If you care to explain then I'm happy to listen.

@lkundrak Sure, please do. (removing @neauoire from this tangent thread)

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