I miss websites that loaded exactly once, and didn't change underneath you.

@tty I miss websites which didn’t ask you 20 questions before letting you read them

@InvaderXan oh you mean like the "accept cookies", "join our mailing list", etc series of popups?

@InvaderXan it is the actual worst. :(

you can block javascript to keep that stuff out, but then many sites won't load at all cuz they require JS just to show the content. ad blockers won't necessarily block the popups either. I just try and stay off of sites like that as much as possible, and use `w3m -dump $URL | less` to read crappy sites' textual locally.

is there a kind of web designer's association, like lawyers and doctors have? so we can have their diploma's and/or license to practice web design retracted?
if not, wouldn't this be a good idea, the internet bring a basic human need nowadays?

@StroomAfwaarts not that i know of. the problem is much more systemic imo & rooted in (at least) capitalism

@StroomAfwaarts it's usually not a bad programmer or designer, it's the company that's demanding the designer use abusive patterns

that's probably true.
and given the choice between professional ethics and food & roof, I would do whatever they want too

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