hi! i'm malin (she/her, 21 yrs), i crawled out of the hellblr this morning and here's my

-i have eight chickens who are the light of my life
-i listen to many podcasts but the adventure zone will always be my fave
-sometimes i draw
-i'm very into scifi and fantasy (ursula k le guin is my current fave author)
-i'm an aspiring composer (haven't made a lot of music yet but i'm learning!)

nice to meet u! :_earth:

@trilobitelunch wonderful you'll fit right in. I'm just about to start Left Hand of Darkness!

@trilobitelunch Hello! 👋 If I follow will you post regular chicken updates? 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

@trilobitelunch welcome, Malin (and associated chickens!), to the fediverse! :blobowo:

I look forward to seeing you around, as well as whatever art and music you might post :paw_fx90_thumbs_up:

@trilobitelunch hii, what are the names of your chikens?

I had a roster named Có, he was the best, but he went to the chiken heaven a couple years back.

@artsyhonker Salutations, @trilobitelunch! Someone really ought to start an instance for we lot ∑;ᴈ

@Qwyrdo @trilobitelunch Well, is by and for musicians, at least...


I really do not have the spare admin and brain cycles to add "instance admin" to my list of tasks.

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