What, might you say, are the minimum physical requirements to run a Mastodon server? I mean Memory, CPU and Storage...

@teslas_moustache people have run it on a raspberry pi 3b+ although it seems to be more work to get it to run ok than pleroma and to run worse

i think the raspberry pi 4 4gb should do fine but you'd probably want to run things off a external hd since heavy use will wear out the sd card

@radicalgraffiti Would I be looking for something similar in a VPS? Around 4GB of RAM?

@teslas_moustache I'm not sure but i think you could get away with less, depending on what you want to do, hopefully some admins can tell you what they use

@radicalgraffiti @teslas_moustache I dont think there is anyone I have seen who is actually successfully *using* a masto install on a raspberry pi. I would say if you want to go that route use pleroma or

@wakest @radicalgraffiti Yeah, the reason I don't want to do it on a Pi is because I already have something port-forwarded and I don't want to fuck with dynamic DNS anymore than I already do.

@wakest @radicalgraffiti I think I used Pleroma once and didn't like the interface. Are there any Solarpunk Pleroma instances you know of? I'm willing to give it another go.

I'm only casually interested. I don't have the resources to run another server rn anyway.

@teslas_moustache @wakest i dont know of any solarpuck instances sorry, but the interface can be changed, by default it comes with a version of the mastodon front end (this only supports the multi column view) and its apparently possible to use other frontends

@teslas_moustache @wakest @radicalgraffiti I have an little anarchist themed instance if you want an account on it to play with.

@Almafeta holy fuck. I'm kinda surprised at the resource requirements tbh.

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