Alright. I think I'm gonna try and grow some and maybe some . Not totally sure if that works in this climate though. Definitely gonna try some again. I'll convert at least one of the raised beds into a hinged .

Can't afford health insurance, so I'm gonna grow some fucking medicine I guess.

Still growing in the basement, so I'm getting a little bit of fresh greens in these cold, dark times.

I got two 6-month water filters, and an air filter that I *believe* is rated for 6months.

My buddy @Got_Rent_Strike gave me a couple big bags of pumpkin seeds, which are a great energy source.

? IDK. Just planning out loud for the coming year I guess. If we get Medicare for All maybe I'll feel a bit less pressure on this, but it's also a bit exciting. I kinda started doing this without realizing there's a pattern.

@teslas_moustache @Got_Rent_Strike Ginger takes a long time to grow. A minimum of six months indoors. I would recommend longer and staggering your planting / harvesting. Also, the stalks don't preserve well but they are edible.

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