At this point, understanding computers isn't even about understanding the difference between GOTO and GOSUB or knowing what TCP/IP stands for - or even *is*. It's about understanding power. If you buy a laptop off Amazon, boot into Windows, log into Facebook, and check your Gmail, you're entering into exploitative power relationships where you - like the workers who made the laptop, sold you the laptop, delivered the laptop, the workers who manually moderate your Facebook feed, like the miners who dug up the copper and cobalt - are at the bottom.

Much like a job where you exchange your time and labor for capital, you are exchanging your personal relationships for convenience.

In order to get out from under this, you *do* need to educate yourself somewhat. You gotta know how certain things work. You don't have to become a programmer or hacker though. It's not the fucking Matrix. You just have to understand things enough to manipulate them and know where you stand.

@teslas_moustache And here's hoping we figure out easier ways to manufacture computers! Something that makes local manufacturing feasable.

Maybe photonic computing or carbon nanotubes could help, though ofcouse are all about continuing Moore's Law.

@alcinnz yeah. People on here tend to express (extremely valid) criticism of techbros and fossbros. The culture has had this bullshit libertarian, and even white supremacist, bent to it for decades. Then people like Steve Bannon apparently got his claws into the neckbeards, so there's even more work to be done.

But I wrote this because I wanted people who are involved in other kinds of struggles to be aware that there is - or there should be - an intersection between computing and the struggle for prison abolition, racial struggles, gender struggle, indigenous, labor, and environmental struggles. Computers are a necessary tool in all these fights, but they're not neutral in their current state.

@alcinnz and to be clear, there's a fucking shit-ton of work that needs to be done. Techbros gotta get of their high horses and realize they're *also* not Neo in the fucking Matrix, and fix usability and accessibility issues in Free Software that have existed for years.

dangerous ground 

We do need users to educate themselves, and I agree that it's not that difficult for most people to manage.

But what we can't do is hold in contempt those that don't understand or aren't interested.

Because of other social and economic injustice and because of propaganda it's an uphill fight to convince people software freedom matters and is worth sacrificing to obtain.

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