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the workers in philosophical hypotheticals are taking industrial action. the room is no longer translating, the trolley car has stopped running. the alternate ship of theseus is unfinished.

hey friends! what are your favorite platforms for decentralized decision-making? has neat voting features, but it seems like you can't organise threads into categories. discourse might be better for discussion but with limited polling features. what do you use and why?

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This Bjenny Montero cartoon should be the new soviet flag

youtube always recommends me this one video that's just an hour of basshunter nightcore music and honestly i'm not even mad

i'm in a philosophy reading group and it'd really be a lot easier if i could actually remember the definitions of different schools of thought wow

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I've just released Mastodon De-Mob, an anti-harassment tool that lets users to block everyone who favorited or boosted a toot calling for harassment. mastodon-de-mob.codesections.c

Please feel free to test it out with the example URL I provided; that will only block a test account I set up for this purpose. Hopefully, you won't ever need it for real.

It also reports the harassing toot, which I hope will prevent the tool's abuse for non-harassing toots.


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Solarpunk fashion week is great and all, but what if I started a action week? Get everyone out there doing something useful then sharing pics and resources

I'll probably wait until Spring so that it'll be a good time for planting. Maybe the week of Earth Day?

Boost if you'd be interested in something like that!

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Looking for a (preferably Jewish) developer who wants to work on a platform to distribute Yiddish music to the masses. There's a little money, hopefully more later.

@ your Jewish nerd friends

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Some Cool and Interesting Ideas For Your Weekend!
1) Start a union
2) Trespass & commit vandalism
3) Be gay

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all you cowards who don't drink coffee. you should be like me, utterly physically And mentally dependent on a drink that gives you anxiety

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