Hi! 👋
My name is Marga and I’m new on sunbeam.city, just moved here from mastodon.social, so it’s time for an . I’m interested in:

(don’t know a lot about it yet)

(but only if they’re nice)

Not necessarily in that order, and it’s probably also not a complete list.

Thanks to the sunbeam.city people for hosting my new account!☀️🏡

@GeekAndDad I preferred a smaller, more specific instance, am interested in the solar punk movement, and some friends are already on sunbeam.city, so moving to that instance felt logical

@GeekAndDad it also changes my home feed, yes - what I like about Mastodon is how it's decentralized. That feeling is stronger with a smaller instance.

@GeekAndDad most apps support multiple accounts. That, or just following people of interest in other communities is the most common solution here, I think?

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