mind-bogglingly shortsighted zoom security flaw 

> Zoom defends the “workaround” as a “legitimate solution to a poor user experience, enabling our users to have seamless, one-click-to-join meetings, which is our key product differentiator.”

I'm agog that Zoom is defending their use of a hidden localhost web server to get around A SINGLE CLICK.

zoom shit; code block (bash) 

seems to work to block the localhost server from starting each time. The only "downside" is that you get prompted to open zoom each time. utterly infuriating.

# To prevent the vulnerable server from running on your machine
# (this does not impact Zoom functionality), run these two lines in your Terminal.

pkill "ZoomOpener"; rm -rf ~/.zoomus; touch ~/.zoomus && chmod 000 ~/.zoomus;

pkill "RingCentralOpener"; rm -rf ~/.ringcentralopener; touch ~/.ringcentralopener && chmod 000 ~/.ringcentralopener;

# (You may need to run these lines for each user on your machine.)


zoom shit; code block (bash) 

Explanation: removes the folders containing the hidden web server that opened holes in the OS's firewall. Creates empty files with the same name. Changes permissions on the files so that they can't be overwritten.

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