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My latest basket!
This one made with twined bindweed and split and peeled ivy as the spokes. I really like the dark colour of the bindweed and the contrast of it with the ivy

I realized i could make tiny roses with Himalayan blackberry fibre! Its so cute!
The technique is from coast salish cedar bark roses
There's something interesting about using invasive materials in indigenous techniques and styles. The scotch broom baskets i make are also based on pine needle baskets. Im still thinking through what that means and how i can navigate it.

My latest bindweed basket!
I'm still learning how to work with bindweed/morning glory, but I'm pretty pleased with this one

I'm starting on a scotch broom basket and im stitching it with split and peeled ivy. So far im actually really happy with the look of the ivy and how it works. Im also trying a new stitch called a fern stitch. Its only really starting to show here, but I think itll be pretty!

The market went pretty well! There's definitely some things I'd change for next time, but it was really lovely to talk to people about this work in person.

I've finally gotten back into ivy removal work
I put it on hold in the spring and summer while the native plants were flowering. Now that most of them have gone to seed I've started back up.
Instead of hauling the ivy bundles out I've started piling them up on logs or anything that keeps them off the ground. I've done it in a few other patches and it works pretty well, especially since I check in on them and can catch any bits that have rooted.

Weaving this with ivy as the spokes and bindweed as weavers (and a bit of blackberry fibre to start)

I'm still experimenting with bindweed as a weaving material but I've had some success so far!

I lost a leash in the woods one day... so i made another!
This one's made out of blackberry fibres and it works perfect

I haven't posted a little free store update in a bit so here's one!
Cute little alien plushie, some blackberry jams i made, books and dvds

Ive recently discovered hair sticks and they make me so happy! This is just a twig from a holly branch with the bark taken off and the ends sanded.
Its actually super secure! Im so amused by it!

The blackberries are out in full force
Here are some Himalayan blackberries in an english ivy basket I've woven

A skein dyed with Japanese knotweed roots!
It's up on my ko-fi shop ( with my other invasive dyes
I'm also always down to gift it or trade it!

Japanese knotweed leaves!
This is dyed with japanese knotweed leaves. The more mutes colours are just the straight leaves, but the orange and pink tones are modified with washing soda.
I'm so excited with how the modified cotton turned out! This beautiful soft pink blush colour.

I made a basket out of holly bark! Its the first bark basket ice made so there was a bit of a learning curve. But I'm fairly pleased with it.

Japanese knotweed root dye!
I'm so happy with how this dye turned out. It's this beautiful orange colour, mainly on the wool.
The outer bark(?) of the root is a dark orange colour and I thought it might dye. and it did!

My latest bracelet!
This is made with split and peeled ivy and the ends are wrapped in thread made from blackberry fibres
I finally caved and bought some actual bracelet clasps and jump rings from the dollar store and it fits so much better
Now that I'm happy with the process, ill probably go on a kick of making a bunch of them.

My favourite basket ive made so far!
This one is made with split and peeled ivy, blackberry fibres and dandelion stems. I definitely like the ivy as stiffer spokes and the fibres/stems as softer wrapping materials. It builds up quicker and is still strong

Jewelry and bracelet people, any suggestions for how to better clasp this bracelet?
Currently the ends are tied with blackberry fibre and a metal hook glued on. But, it doesn't sit nicely on the wrist.

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