At the leather workshop i learnt how to lock the thread on a needle. And its been super useful for hand sewing when the needle falls of the thread

The basic technique is to:
Thread the needle like normal
Pierce the short end of the thread with the tip of the needle
Pull it down the needle and lock it in place

Heres a good tutorial:

Took some thimbleberry and salmonberry cuttings to propagate.
I havent done this before so im curious how itll go!

Im learning how to make fabric period padd. This is attempt 3 and im pretty happy with it!
It has four layers of cotton in the middle (plus the two on the outside).
Ive got a bunch of old sheets (which is what i made this with) so if i get it down i can make a whole bunch.
I just need to figure out the snaps

Horse hoof fungus!
This guy has a layer in it with a texture almost like suede called amadou. People use it a lot to dry flies in fly fishing, for tinder and to make hats!

Morning glory/bindweed cordage!
I made this twine out of morning glory fibres. Its not as strong as blackberries, but it works.
Hopefully, this will be used to tie up a proposal for to update a coop center and housing. Tbh, i still dont quite understand the design, but the documents will be in a carved wooden thing
I gathered the bindweed from that specific location, which seems only fitting.

Making ivy laundry detergent!
Im reducing it to make it easier to store and to hopefully get more cleaning power out of it

A gathered a bunch of acorns a while ago for tannin experiments. But i left some of them in the bag and they sprouted
What do i do with these new born babies!?!?!

I made up some seed balls
Ive never made them before so im cuper curious to see if anything grows from the.
They are made with a mix of clay i got by a lake over a year ago, some used coffee grounds and seeds ive gathered.
Goldenrod, salal, oceanspray, oregon grape, snowberries and some other seeds as well

It can be written on!

Also, yes, i do have a dog and yes, her hair permeates everything in the house

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My first seed paper experiment!
The paper is made of the inner bark of daphne and the seeds are salal. The bits of blue are from the dried berry skin bits left over from me saving the seeds.
The seeds might be a bit too dense, its not easy to write on. But it is possible.
I just really love the idea of making the paper with invasive plants and using native seeds

I think i found a zellers bolete! Still not confident enough in the id to eat it though, although they are apparently edible.
I got overly eager and started taking it apart to take a look before i got any pics.
But its the first bolete ive found!

More mending! I've been really enjoying using these jeans as my mending experiment ones. I only really wear them out in the woods or around the house, so i feel totally fine if i mess something up and it turns out ugly.
Theres a piece of fabric underneath this. I cant remember what it is but its seems like a heavy cotton

The chickadees seem to approve of the ivy bird feeder out with the suet balls i made!

The suet (beef fat) was mixed with bird seed and some oat flour. They probably aren't great for the warmer months. But now that its getting colder I'm hoping itll be good.
The holder thing is woven out of english ivy vines. It was woven fresh and then i did some adjusting as it dried.
I'm thinking of making up some more balls and feeders to give away in my buy nothing group.
I'm also now realizing that i should move it further away from hummingbird feeder so they don't scare the humming birds away.

Here's a photo of the other side of the trail from the pandemic patch. I never took any before pics, but this is a pretty good approximation of what it was like before.
And two photos of the entrance to the pandemic patch

Did some mending today!
These are my "out in woods" jeans and theyve got the wear to prove it

My first attempt printing on the handmade daphne paper! Its obvs not perfect but i think if i refined the process i could get it to print nicely

I made paper!
This is made from the inner bark of daphne (aka spurge laurel). I used some scrap fabric and embroidery hoops as the frame (which is why they are so small and circular)
I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and there might be more experiments down the line.
There's a long tradition of making paper with different species of daphne in Nepal called lokta paper.
I heard about this second hand from a person that runs daphne paper workshops, but i haven't been able to find their name so i can't credit them for the inspiration

I made these things! That are inspired by some willow bird feeders ive seen. The idea is to hang them up and put fat balls in them.
So now i gotta learn to make fat balls. Apparently the basic idea is just lard mixed with birdseed.

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