Gardening people,
Any good 101 resources on mulching? I'm super curious to try using dead knotweed canes for it. But, I'm not much of a gardener and frankly don't really understand how mulch is meant to be used.
I'm hoping to get some veggie starts in a few weeks and plant them out. I guess the idea is to loosely layer the mulch around the plant (with some breathing room) to help keep it warm and moist. But how much should i add? And when should i add it? And do you use it in herb gardens too? And when is it a bad idea?

(This will be closely monitored and a small experiment so don't worry about the knotweed spreading, I'll be keeping a very close eye on it)

@dot_dee @sunflower_avenue I have the same reaction! I wouldn't trust that it's really dead. After all, it can break and grow through concrete, so I'd recommend trying to find something else to use as mulch.

@GwenfarsGarden @dot_dee my main goal is to find ways to work with invasive plants as ways of managing them. Im currently doing removal work for a patch of knotweed and saw the dead canes as another way to use the plant
There are some really cool projects going on of people using the canes for things like paper.
I also want to better understand how the plant propagates (i know it will spread from small root segments, but how do the canes behave?)
Tbh, i wasnt really looking for mulch but more something to do with the canes

@sunflower_avenue @dot_dee Ahh, I see what you mean. It will be really interesting to know how this goes. If you really know the canes are dead, then maybe they could be used as peasticks?

@sunflower_avenue It's a bad idea if your soil is too moist. It's alsso bad if you use plants that alreadyproduced seeds, because it will spoil your patch.

It will helpt to keep your patch free of weed (see above) and still keep humidity longer.

@sunflower_avenue I do not think there is a time when mulching is a bad idea. The idea is to keep it moist and also to protect the soil. Here a good resource about it

@sunflower_avenue just an idea, if you wanted to be extra sure the knotweed is dead maybe lay it on black plastic in the sun until it is obviously withered?
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