trying to set some boundaries with my boss today, ugh, very rough-going

so far responses are of the flavour "ok i hear you, but remember i can do whatever i want"

i asked if i could get some noise-cancelling headphones because they help me focus

he pushed really hard toward no, because he was worried if someone came to my office for tech help, i wouldn't be able to hear a knock on the door.

so i said ok let's experiment with that & see if we can hear the knock /w the headphones on

then he moved the goalpost, and said headphones would give some kind of bad / unavailable impression to people, and that I should want to appear "as available as possible" to people


@tty ugh, im so sorry you have to deal with this.
Im just thinking about how you could def rig up some sort of mechanism to flash a light or something when someone presses a button.
Even if you couldnt hear its so ridiculous that your boss is against them

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