Japanese knotweed root dyeing experiments!
These were all dyed with whole dried roots. The whole root gives a much more yellow colour than using just the outer bark of the root. Its still lovely though and requires a lot less work.
All of these were left out with their top half covered for the past 3.5 months, and there is no noticeable fading or colour change at all!

@dynamic just plain wool
Idk the breed of sheep but it was a natural white colour to start


I keep forgetting that you do fiber arts with wool and not just with invasive plants ; )

@dynamic hahaha! i still focus on the invasive plants, hence the dyeing with knotweed.
but wool is a super interesting fibre that takes dye amazingly
cellulose (plant material ex. cotton) dyeing is still a bit of a mystery to me.
and pre getting interested in invasive plants I was really into needle felting. it's taken a bit of a back seat atm, but it'll probably come back. stabbing stuff is very cathartic

@dynamic i also don't do much knitting or crochet. so I never know what to do with the yarn once I've dyed it!

@sunflower_avenue at least I’ve got a use for that invasive if it ever makes it out my way

@Jetengineweasel yeah! exploring uses for invasive plants is really interesting in how it changes how you see them.
rather than the plant being some evil that must be expunged it becomes a relationship between you, the plant, the land...
it becomes a way for you to explore what ecological function you can and want to serve. something that both benefits you and takes responsibility for the land around you, while not demonizing a plant that is in large part a symptom of much greater systems (colonialism, resource extraction, habitat loss...)

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