Morning glory/bindweed cordage!
I made this twine out of morning glory fibres. Its not as strong as blackberries, but it works.
Hopefully, this will be used to tie up a proposal for to update a coop center and housing. Tbh, i still dont quite understand the design, but the documents will be in a carved wooden thing
I gathered the bindweed from that specific location, which seems only fitting.

@Moss they can be super aggressive and are the bane of many gardeners
They grow really quickly and will regrow from even the smallest root segment

@sunflower_avenue one more question: do they have round black seeds and knobby branches? or are they more viney? (trying to sus out if my flowers are MGs)

@Moss its grows long vines that will wrap around and climb pretty much anything (it lives up to the name bindweed)
Theres a whole bunch of different varieties of morning glory (taxonomy and plant names are confusing af) but this one has white flowers

@sunflower_avenue yeah yeah i like the purple ones best but thanks i’ll make sure to keep them in pots

@sunflower_avenue Wow it is fucking dystopic to come from looking at a picture of an Indigenous settlement that got burnt down by your people, and then come here and see you making rope for "housing proposals."

You gonna shelter any of the Wetsuweten that just got their homes destroyed? Did you even *know* that happened? Fuck.

There is a war happening in your region and you are on the wrong fucking side.

(This message is public instead of a DM because this is grotesque, I keep DMing you suggesting you align with Indigenous struggles in your area and you. Just. Aren't. At this point, it is a choice to support white supremacy and war against Indigenous folk, and that is *WILD* to see considering I just got my recurring payment from you in my kofi. :O

Money in folks' Kofi isn't gonna turn this around. And we don't need your help to turn it around, but at the very least, could you stop helping my enemy so much?)

@emsenn housing proposal was too vague of a way for me to describe it.
The proposal is to get funding from the city to build subsidized housing in the dtes. And to improve the local community centre. And add childcare spaces.
I was asked to do this by a redress advocate who is doing lots of work towards tangible landback.

@emsenn Im worried im not describing it well so im gonna quote the description i was given

"It's to build 200 homes and a new raycam community centre and 100 childcare spots
And to do it using Indigenous Knowledge guides by a Coast Salish and non Coast Salish architecture and planning team. To have strong emphasis on healing and redress gardens and build a public square that covers over the train tracks. So bracken Hanuse Corlett who is on our team and who's design is on the proposal, Chelsey Schmidtke who's helping decolonize our landscape planning at Maplewood Flats is leading the community engagement planning. We'd find out in January if we're successful

Bc housing has standard formulas. Not a good formula bit it's 1/3 welfare rate, 1/3 so-called affordable, 1/3 market."

@sunflower_avenue Y'know, sounds like you *are* working to shelter folk like I mentioned, with folk like I mentioned, so, I apologise for presuming otherwise. Thanks for rolling with it and doing the work to clarify things.

(Fuck I wish we had even that formula, here, non-market housing is established through council measures in reaction to community criticism.)

@sunflower_avenue I have a question:

I don't think I've seen the word "redress" used how you use it, by anyone on this continent, since some AIM people back in the 70s. But clearly it's the term for this thing in your area. Would you... talk more about that?

@emsenn im not an expert on it. But this person in particular (Irwin Oostindee, a dutch settler) uses it.
Its specifically a rejection of 'reconcilitation' and how its used in canada to means "why cant we just forget about all that colonialism? just move forward without tangibly doing anything". He uses it to move away from the performance of reconciliation to focus on the harm that was/is done and have canada and settlers take accountability

@sunflower_avenue wow, that looks gorgeous. my attempt at blackberry cord was pretty rough and coarse

@Lore yeah, blackberry cordage can be like that sometimes.
The best time to gather materials is in the spring. You can get longer more flexible fibres from it then. As it ages the fibres tend to get shorter and coarsee

@sunflower_avenue my uncle wants to know if you’d ever open an etsy or something

@Satsuma not at the moment, although maybe in the future
If your uncles interested in anything in particular i be happy to make it up!

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