I made up some seed balls
Ive never made them before so im cuper curious to see if anything grows from the.
They are made with a mix of clay i got by a lake over a year ago, some used coffee grounds and seeds ive gathered.
Goldenrod, salal, oceanspray, oregon grape, snowberries and some other seeds as well


short answer: in practice, seedbombs can be a way to avoid cooperating with BIPOC

long answer: ime seed balls dont work as well as loose seed mixed with humus-y dirt, and anyplace you need to hit so quickly as to throw a single ball instead of two handfuls of dust, youre probably not gonna be able to follow up on v well, so maybe find a BIPOC who would just want the seeds for their garden.

@sunflower_avenue tangent: ive been playing with making cob frisbees that have seeds in them, with the intention of hurling them deep into treelines that I cant reasonably access, but not like, random treelines but the local one.

If you never hear about it again, that probably means it worked pretty well

@emsenn yeah, I'm definitely curious about how well seed bombs work. Its definitely not the technique I'm using in my woodland plantings
There are a few fenced off empty lots around my neighborhood. I'm planning on tossing some of these in there and seeing if anything grows.

@sunflower_avenue I mean depending on how many seeds were talking about I can give you an address to send them to and they will get redistributed to a global group of Indigenous land stewards? Feels like you read right past the part of my post where I said settlers should give seed to BIPOC folk before throwing it literally to the wind.

@emsenn ooh! I would love that address.
They are all just seeds I've saved and gathered going about my day. So idk if there's enough to merit mailing them. I'm still quite unsure of my seed gathering practices and how effectively I'm doing it so I'm a bit nervous about it (aka, i haven't tested things like germination rates. And I'm worried i gathered them at the wrong time or processed them incorrectly) part of me wants to see how/if they grow before passing them along
There are some groups in my area i can message to see if they are looking for any of the seeds i have saved

@sunflower_avenue @emsenn I was watching a video on YT about Masanobu Fukuoka and the farmers coated their seeds in clay to keep the birds from eating them in their no till fields. I kinda wonder if that's where seed bombs originated.

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