My first seed paper experiment!
The paper is made of the inner bark of daphne and the seeds are salal. The bits of blue are from the dried berry skin bits left over from me saving the seeds.
The seeds might be a bit too dense, its not easy to write on. But it is possible.
I just really love the idea of making the paper with invasive plants and using native seeds

It can be written on!

Also, yes, i do have a dog and yes, her hair permeates everything in the house

Food mention, silly brain 

@sunflower_avenue the roundness and the seeds made me think it was a Tortilla first. And it looked delicious.

And then when I read the bit about using invasive species to make paper I was fascinated.

Food mention, silly brain 

@maloki haha! I can totally see it! Ive been using embroidery hoops for the paper experiments, so they come out as circles

Daphne sap is apparently toxic, so probably not the best to eat

Food mention, silly brain 

@sunflower_avenue I think Japanese Knotweed can be eaten. 😅

Food mention, silly brain 

@maloki it can!! Apparently the young shoots in the spring are delicious. (Although in my town they spray a lot of the knotweed with herbicide, so be careful)
Theres actually a group making paper out of knotweed!

Food mention, silly brain 

@maloki @sunflower_avenue came here also to say that it looks like a tortilla.

This looks great! Hope you can refine it so it's just as usable as normal paper. It's a great idea to use invasive plants for something like this

@black6 @sunflower_avenue like a guerilla gardening thing. Kinda like seed tape if you've ever seen that.

@teslas_moustache aha! i like it! i thought it may have been some esoteric function for the paper, but this is better. @sunflower_avenue

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