More mending! I've been really enjoying using these jeans as my mending experiment ones. I only really wear them out in the woods or around the house, so i feel totally fine if i mess something up and it turns out ugly.
Theres a piece of fabric underneath this. I cant remember what it is but its seems like a heavy cotton

@sunflower_avenue Is each + an independent stitch, or are they all attached somehow underneath?

@tty theyre all attached. I did a running stitch for the vertical lines, then went back and added the horizontal ones for the row.

@sunflower_avenue very cool! The X's give it a sashiko vibe, but with the colour it is also kind of not that, and just overal very nice :o

@human_dude yeah! Ive been seeing sashiko stuff around and thats mainly what this is based off of. Although a coloured anr not nearly as precise version of it

@sunflower_avenue That looks great! My main problem with visible mending is lack of patience, so all of my patches and darns look ugly

@galadhir hahaha! Very fair! I tend to like small fiddly tasks while i watch tv or something so it works for me.
Although im usually not patient enough to look up proper technique and i end up just winging it

@sunflower_avenue Yeah, I think my problem is rushing to get the thing done asap. I need to slow down and have patience with the process

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