I made paper!
This is made from the inner bark of daphne (aka spurge laurel). I used some scrap fabric and embroidery hoops as the frame (which is why they are so small and circular)
I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and there might be more experiments down the line.
There's a long tradition of making paper with different species of daphne in Nepal called lokta paper.
I heard about this second hand from a person that runs daphne paper workshops, but i haven't been able to find their name so i can't credit them for the inspiration

@sunflower_avenue omigosh sun this is amaaaazing!! what was your process?

@tty thanks! Im still working out the process but the basics were
Gather a some of the inner bark off of daphne plants
Throw it in a pot with some soda ash or washing soda and boil it for a bit (idk how long, maybe 10min)
The fibres should now easily pull apart with your hands.
Throw that in a blender and blend on the lowest setting till its all mixed up
Dump it out into a strainer and rinse the fibres with some water
Put the rinsed fibres back in some water and mix it around.
Using a frame and some fabric (i used an embroidery hoop, but I've seen people use picture frames) dip it in the water/pulp mix. Or you can ladle it on if thats easier.
Let the water drain out and put it somewhere to dry for a few days!

@tty I didnt realize this before, but apparently the sap of daphne can be toxic and irritate your skins.
So its probably best to wear gloves while doing it

(I didnt have any reaction, but be careful!)

@sunflower_avenue that looks like lovely paper! I have done a lot of experimental paper making but don’t think I have ever made any that looks like that, so fine!

@sunflower_avenue It never even occured to me to use embroidery hoops! That's genius!

@RadioAngel ya! This is my first time making paper with this and i never want to invest time or money in getting tools for first time projects until i know what i want. And since the embroidery hoops were already hanging around they worked really well!
I am curious to see if i can make paper i can run through the printer though, so ill have to figure out how to make bigger sheets

@sunflower_avenue That's just amazing. I definitely want to try this as soon as I have time. :)


That's really cool. What kind of pen did you use in that photo? I'm interested in the idea of home-made paper that takes ink without bleeding much, and this looks promising.

@dynamic just a regular ball point pen on those, nothing fancy


The kind that seems to deposit the ink dry, or the kind that deposits the ink wet?

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