I made these things! That are inspired by some willow bird feeders ive seen. The idea is to hang them up and put fat balls in them.
So now i gotta learn to make fat balls. Apparently the basic idea is just lard mixed with birdseed.

@sunflower_avenue these look awesome! what materials did you use? were you following a tutorial?


@sergeisilence these are made with english ivy. I wove with it fresh with the bark still on (I'll have to check on how it dries) to make this.
I didn't follow a tutorial, just saw some pictures of (much neater) willow ones and gave it a go. (Which is probably why they are kinda wonky)
Here's an example of the willow ones i tried to emulate

@sunflower_avenue oooh, pretty
thanks for your answer!
I hope the english ivy will behave when drying then

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