Japanese knotweed root dye!
I'm so happy with how this dye turned out. It's this beautiful orange colour, mainly on the wool.
The outer bark(?) of the root is a dark orange colour and I thought it might dye. and it did!

@sunflower_avenue wow, I thought this was someone's beautiful orange-red hair for a moment!

@sunflower_avenue wow! You know this plant @anni ? It's growing a lot in abandoned house gardens


Wow! Do you need to use any mordants or fixatives or anything, or does it just come out like this? Will this color hold up to a run through the laundry?

@dynamic the wool was mordanted with alum and the cotton was scoured, tannined (idk if that's a verb) with gallnut powder and mordanted with alum.
I did wash the cotton fabric with some soap. I'm not sure what it'd be like after the laundry, but it has had a cleaning.
The wool was just rinsed til the water ran clear. I could probably wash the yarn with soap but im worried it will felt. and the roving will definitely felt

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