I've been thinking about how aromanticism is intertwined with environmental activism.

The aromantic struggle is one that fundamentally opposes and works to dismantle amatonormativity. Amatonormativity works to privilege romantic and sexual monogamous relationships above all else and to obscure and punish other ways of relating. That includes not only the relationships we have with each other but also our relationship to land, nature, plants and animals.

Amatonormativity works to divide the world into small isolated family units. It defines in ways that center the couple form. It devalues and dismisses the connections we have outside of that. It works to isolate us in small definable units.


Building relationships to land fundamentally requires that you understand how large and interconnected the world is. You have to look at how water moves through the soil, how it brings the mushrooms out and how those mushrooms are eaten. How the birds gather materials to build their nests and how they spread the seeds to plant new trees. You cannot build a relationship to land and nature without understanding yourself as part of a large tangled web of relationships.

And that understanding fundamentally threatens amatonormativity. It breaks the narrative that we exist in isolation. That we are sustained by this singular romantic/sexual relationship.

Rejecting amatonormativity allows us to explore relationships with land and nature and vice versa.



These are thought-provoking words.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on how romantic polyamory fits into this model.

@dynamic a lot of that depends on what 'romantic polyamory' looks like. There are polyamorists that i don't really feel any kinship with as an aro person. The polyam folks who think about polyamory only in terms of their romantic/sexual relationships and their partnerships.
For me i'm working to understand the multitudes and countless relationships i have. a lot of that means breaking down the idea of partners. which some polyam folks are totally into! and that's a key part of their polyamory. but for others they still hold up this idea of partners as defining relationships, they are just open to having more than one. and that doesn't seem to meld with what i'm talking about.

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