Asexuality is not a footnote. It is not the fineprint at the end. It's not some rare exception to the rule.
You can't say things like "everyone is sexual, except for some ace people"
If you treat asexuality this way you aren't accepting asexuality. You aren't working in changing your understanding. You're just creating small space for exceptions.
Building a world accepting for asexuals has the challenge the underlying assumptions and understanding. You can't just add in exceptions to the rule, the rule it self needs to be changed.


Asexuality is evolutionarily advantageous.

Evolution isn't the survival of the fittest individual, it is the survival of the fittest community.

Asexual individuals support communities without adding additional child-related strain.

@sunflower_avenue you're right. it's difficult to see things from an outside perspective and not assume ones own world as the ultimate normality

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