Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: Day 2
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Imo, if you want to understand aromanticism you need to understand amatonormativity.

Amatonormativity is a fairly new word, coined in 2012 by Elizabeth Brake in her book Minimizing Marriage
Amatonormativity is the assumption that a central, exclusive, amorous relationship is normal for humans, in that it is a universally shared goal, and that such a relationship is normative, in the sense that it should be aimed at in preference to other relationship types.

Basically amatonormativity is the idea that monogamous, committed, prioritized romantic relationships are good for everyone and something everyone wants.

Amatonormativity harms aros, polyamorous people, people who prioritize non-romantic relationships, single people and more. Imo, it even harms alloromantic (non-aromantic) monogamous people by limiting the ways they get to explore and build relationships.

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