Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: Day 1
The Basics

Aromantic, often abbreviated to aro, is someone who experiences little to no romantic attraction.
:aromantic_flag: is the aromantic flag

Aromanticism is actually a big spectrum of experiences.
There are plenty of identities on the aromantic spectrum including demiromantic, only experiencing attraction when an emotional connection has been made, greyromantic, experiencing little attraction or only in specific circumstances, quoiromantic/WTFromantic chosing or not being able to differentiate romantic and platonic attraction. There's plenty more identities!

Aro encompasses a wide range of experiences. The only thing common to all aros is experiencing little to no romantic attraction and chosing to identify as aro.
Some aros are asexual, others are allosexual. Some experience other kinds of attraction, some dont. Some enter into romantic relationships, some stay single their whole lives.

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