I wrote up a little guide on english ivy removal based on the stuff i've learnt so far.
i'd love to get some feedback from people who've never done it before to experienced gardeners/conservationist/land stewards...

@sunflower_avenue this is a great summary of how to deal with Ivy. I love the big font too, easy to read. Well done!

@GwenfarsGarden thanks!
I was hoping to have it be printable as a zine/booklet. But its currently one page too long to easily print 😓

@sunflower_avenue Can you add a picture and/or links to further info to get the last page?

@emsenn please do!
(Although im curious what non-web places means?)

@sunflower_avenue I appreciate that you mention the need for follow-up.

I managed to clear a small patch, but it took 2 years of going back before it stopped coming back.

@sunflower_avenue Hi I'm super late to respond to this :) But for disposal, try contacting your city's parks department! Most should have a means of disposing of plant waste, and should be doing invasive management themselves. They may let you know where you can drop off a load of invasives.

They may even have volunteer events where they hold a work party to pull invasives or plant native species. My city does, and I've been involved with it for several years.

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