Felt like doing another intro style post

I'm and and i care about it so much. I have soft spots for building irl community (although thats on hold), uncovering history and aro politics (trust me, everything is connected to amatonormativity)
I'm interested in and
I've been learning about and how to remove them. I'm in the pnw so the main culprits are Himalayan blackberry, english ivy and morning glory. Clearing those to help restore the environment a d create public space has been my biggest pandemic project.
I also care a lot about and . I'm still learning tons but i find myself generally having an perspective.
I'm working to learn more about white supremacy, colonialism, decolonization and anti racism

@sunflower_avenue Welcome! :)

There are some great documentaries on white supremacy around, one of my favorites is the ProPublica series on Frontline "Documenting Hate" 2 going on 3 parts, have you seen it?

I have some other bookmarked resources around, I should start a space for them :)

AntiFa is wonderful too if you are into that :)

Take care! :)

@sunflower_avenue Another whitesupremacy resource :) The ADL Center on Extremism is the foremost authority on extremism, terrorism and hate, both foreign and domestic. We provide resources, expertise and trainings that enable law enforcement officers, public officials and community leaders, as well as internet and technology companies to identify and counter emerging threats.
Anti-Defamation League is wonderful and I encourage everyone to become familiar with their work

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