Is there a hashtag for mutual aid ideas? Something with suggestions for mutual aid things and stories of people giving and receiving?

Cause I think that'd be real cool!

@sunflower_avenue I wish there was some sort of network, or tendency, or something, where people could just do each other's dishes, or clean each other's apartments or something, while folks are burned out. Like a block-level mutual aid bulletin board where I can say "I have enough spoons to mow a front lawn" or "I need someone to wash my dishes because I can't right now."

The trick is getting folks to understand it's a help-each-other-out thing, not a do-stuff-for-money thing.

Ya!! We have something a bit like that where I live. It's called the Queer Spoon Share and was actually started by my therapists. It's a Facebook group where people post asking and offering help with dishes, rides, groceries, help navigating the medical system, advice and such.
It's the best!!!
Facebook isn't the best platform all the time and I wish there was a better way to send notifications and such. But people use it and it makes me really happy

@sunflower_avenue well, that's nice. I guess if I were on Facebook I would be aware of these sorts of things.

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