A goal I think aro activism should focus on is building and supporting systems of community care.

I think an important part of aro activism should be creating space for the possibility of never having a romantic partner. But, that means more than just being single, it also means making sure people can survive and thrive while single.

Our amatonormative world expects a lot of the support we need as people to come from our romantic partner. But, if you don’t have one, does that mean you just shouldn’t get the support?

Specific things I have in mind;

- advocating for (better) universal healthcare. I’m canadian and we have universal health care. But, it doesn’t cover everything. So i want to push to expand it to include pharmacare, mental health care, dental care and such. You shouldn’t have to have a good job, or be married to someone with a good job to get these things.

- Building mutual aid groups. For example, in my town, there’s a group called the Queer Spoon Share. It’s a mutual aid group where people ask for advice, ride, help cleaning or getting groceries, or any other thing.

- Supporting your friends.

- Supporting your community. In my mind, walking your neighbours dog could be counted as aro activism. Beause people are being supported outside of an amatonormative relationship.

- Programs that help prevent the isolation of seniors. Being old and single can really make it easy to be isolated.


- Tool sharing groups. if you lived with a partner, you’d share the drill between the two of you. But, hey, you’re not drilling all the time. So, why not share it with other people. (My town has a tool library where you can rent tools for $1/day)

- Pantry sharing. Buying a lot of basics for just one person can be expensive. and it’s cheaper to buy in bulk. So consider setting up a share pantry in your apartment.

- and so many more things

I know this is a lot of stuff. Building a world where people can be supported outside of amatonormative relationships is a big goal. But little things count towards this all the time.

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