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@stitchwitchery this is uncanny! I just started reading Kindred today, and then my buddy boosted this.

Thanks for posting this so I can boost from an expert!

Oh. Man. Y'all. I thought you were cool. I don't know you were this cool.

While I'm on it, Sunbeam City! Margaret Atwood did more then just The Handmaid's Tail. Her Madd Addam trilogy is probably one of the most Solar Punk things I've ever read (as far as mainstream novels lol)

Listen up Sunbeam City!
If you haven't read Octavia Butler, go do it now! Like non hierarchical societies? She got um! Wanna see survivors depicted as hero's rather then only victims? Butler's got ya! Got an interest in alternative community? Get yourself some of Octavia's good good words. Curious about Afrofuturism, she's a granny of the craft my friend. Go forth and rejoice, for I have brought you the gospel of Butler. :sunbeam:

Sourdough adventures complete!
It is so delicious, I couldn't be more thrilled! The bread cures is finally lifted!
I've nearly eaten one loaf already. The other (prettier) loaf was gifted to my neighbors. Looks like I'll be waking my starter up sooner then later. :blobaww:

I'm making sourdough! Well, waking up a starter. I took it out of my fridge and fed it last night. The yeasty babies managed to triple in volume, but fell slightly because I slept it. I split the starter on the second feeding (as insurance) and will see if she doubles in six hours! This is so exciting! I've never managed to keep a starter thriveing!

Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.