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I'm not sure if I did the best thing going off the SSRIs >< it's amazing to feel things again, and while I have been crying I imagine that's hormone related, but I just had my first full on panic attack in... Ages. But I've been getting the prescriptions through work healthcare and I have no idea how I'd be able to access them in Italy (if I wasn't moving I could just move to the public side) and at least now I was able to taper off with a plan and while I was generally in a good place.

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I have no idea how to get hrt there either tbh ._. So far I've been given 3-month prescriptions but if I can somehow get that to be increased to 6 months or a year, I could probably visit Finland often enough to refill? Assuming I'll still be allowed to get them here if I'm not a resident... No idea. Getting the prescriptions in Italy is an enormous fucking pain, much more so than in here, but idk what they'd do if I showed up with an existing prescription and ask them to renew. Argh why are these things so fucking complicated.

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In principle researchers are an exempt group who *are* covered by Finnish healthcare even when living and working elsewhere, but I have no idea if it's just when you're working for a Finnish uni / institute, which I won't be -- the government website is very unhelpful.

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While reading about this I found out that someone working on a research grant is a farmer from an insurance legal point of view.

Something something peasants.

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