Very mild but gross injury 

My right big toenail has been black for months after wearing shoes not fit to the purpose in a rocky place and it annoyed me so much I decided to just rip it off 😢 hopefully it grows back...

Very mild but gross injury 

@starfish injured right toenail buddies πŸ™Œ though mine is pretty normal and grown back now, and I never had the guts to rip it off until it fell off πŸ˜…

From my experience - it should grow back fine, it's been about 11 months since mine fully fell off (which was about 2-3 months after the injury) and it looks perfectly normal now, toenails do grow very slowly though 😣

Very mild but gross injury 

@wolfie really good to hear about a positive experience πŸ’œ. Yeah, I expect it to be slow --- thankfully I don't really like wearing sandals or other toe-showing shoes.

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