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"Americans only speak one language"

again which americans are you referring to because you can't possibly think Asian Americans, Black Americans, Latinx Americans, and indigenous folks growing up in bilingual and trilingual households are in that category?

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I saw this photo with the caption

"This is what dysphoria feels like"

self care is ripping up ads megacorporations send you and using them as mulch in your garden

the wait for hrt 

me, face down on my bed, vibrating internally: two more weeks. my future is two weeks away. can the days possibly go by any slower. i want my boy sauce.

Is it just me or is it possible for cis people to pronounce "transwoman" explicitly without the space? testostertwo: hormone boogaloo


Wearing a headband to hide my heritage

Just a Vulcan-visiting-Earth-of-the-past thing

intrusive thought type shitpost, drug adjacent 

what would it be like if you snorted citric acid? like, the powder at the bottom of bags of sour candy, what if you just *snnnffff* what would happen? how much would it hurt?

cursed/lewd/i can't ever unsee this 

yesterday i watched a monkey nut 10 feet away from me and then eat it, how was y'alls weekend? 🙃

Those little lines that people get at the corners of their mouths when they get older


shitpost, genital mention 

big dick MENERGY: big dick energy, but for MEN

my bf after i don't correct someone who misgenders me: passive aggressive? nah, more like passive anxious

my bf, on the phone with me after telling me he forgot something obvious: i identify as a fucking dumbass

people always talk about how richard means penis but they never spare a thought for how johnathan means toilet

Mastodon is crumbling and some blame the fences we mended falling down beneath their own weight

weird how this website is friendly and inclusive when we talk about gender but we are "woke poisoned" as soon as we start pointing out racism

Richmond isnt safe starting now 

Dont go to Richmond tomorrow or Monday until everything is over. It will not be safe. Leave Richmond if you can. If you are a minority, this goes double. You are not safe. Dozens of white nationalist, Nazi, fascist and otherwise far right militas are on their way to Rva right now to take part in the 2nd amendment protest on Monday. Richmond is not safe. If you can't leave, don't leave the house. Lock the door. The militias will be roaming streets. Please stay safe.

so this should go without saying, but i feel like i should say it anyway,,,

jesus says trans rights

I see mods suspending racist sexist dipshits all the time, but I hardly ever see racist sexist dipshits in my tl. I often confirm the racist-sexist-dipshittedness of these people for myself when a mod announces a suspense, and indeed, they are *always* racist sexist dipshits.

So thank you, mods, for so vigilantly suspending the racist sexist dipshits, that I barely realize they exist on here.

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