(image has ec) this is the first selfie i've posted in years lmaooooo but if there's any day to document my appearance, day one of taking testosterone is the one to do it

i hate that this sums up my whole color guard experience so completely in such a simple meme, but. it really be like that.

i finally made it, y'all. the patch i've wanted to make for two years. it looks extremely handmade and i'm so proud of it lmao

guys guys look!!! @wormssss drew me a josh dun! first time i've commissioned art from someone in years and josh looks so good drawn in his style, i'm super happy!!!

so close, yet so far... not the pun i usually get with "Ty." (pic is of starbucks)

a niche meme. made me laugh so i had to share 🀣

found on the prayer wall in my school's student center πŸ‘

An hour late for for me but that's ok sun can just stand for sunbeam ;)

This is a small art journal type thing I made for myself out of a half finished notebook and a random colorful piece of junk mail for the cover. All I did was fold everything in half, poke holes in the middle of the pages, then sew everything together with literal dental floss.

On the inside I tried to create the messiest, gayest mood possible with polaroids and stickers. I also decorated with bits cut out of a book of poetry (don't worry it was literally falling apart I would never just ruin a book.)

It looks wonky but it's my favorite thing I've ever made. (also please excuse my face but this is sunbeam and there was a pic of antifa graffiti so i had to lol)

got sick this weekend so didn't post my sundiy on time (dw it's still coming just a lil late)... on the plus side though check this out my pre t ass is loving it

this is the best picture i've ever seen!!!! i love him!!! (taken by my friend)

bag finally finished, yay!!! the handles are tiny but they get the job done haha

well, i've used all the plastic bags in my house and my parents house, but this is still not that close to being finished. (excuse my horrible knitting skills, it's for my own use so idc)

much later in the day than i was anticipating posting, but look at my plant babies! their names from the top down are ICL (short for iced chai latte), Colossus, Jimothy, and Alexandre.

also. if you can tell me what kind of plant ICL is you win the prize, because i don't even know

(and please excuse the setup + bg yikes)

since everyone is posting pictures of their here's my son Theo <3 (spoilers he's not actually my cat he's my housemates')

sheet music horror 

my part that i was given in rehearsal to sight read... on second... yeah, i just printed it off IMSLP later.

Sunbeam City 🌻

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