An hour late for for me but that's ok sun can just stand for sunbeam ;)

This is a small art journal type thing I made for myself out of a half finished notebook and a random colorful piece of junk mail for the cover. All I did was fold everything in half, poke holes in the middle of the pages, then sew everything together with literal dental floss.

On the inside I tried to create the messiest, gayest mood possible with polaroids and stickers. I also decorated with bits cut out of a book of poetry (don't worry it was literally falling apart I would never just ruin a book.)

It looks wonky but it's my favorite thing I've ever made. (also please excuse my face but this is sunbeam and there was a pic of antifa graffiti so i had to lol)

Nice ^_^ and I'm out in the Pacific, it's still Sunday here you're good

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