A little over 2 weeks into the 1st planting of my 2nd unit. I had hoped to split it between spinach, Bok choy, and iceberg lettuce.

Unfortunately, the spinach just keeps turning into a fuzzy mould. I've chosen to toss the seeds instead of trying them again. I have a couple of spinach plants holding on in traditional soil, but they haven't been producing very well this year.

The Bok Choy is growing fabulously, with the initial 3 plantings now in good form and the week-delayed plantings also poking through.

The 1st iceberg is also doing well. The week delayed is quite a bit smaller, but fighting its way through. I've 2 more plantings that went in a couple of days ago (when I gave up on Spinach), and I anticipate they'll be great too.

From my aerogarden, my Thai chillies and Thai basil continue to produce more than I can consume. Sadly, they have strangled out the Dill, although the mint is still holding on.

I give away basil & chillies weekly.

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