My youngest caught hand, foot & mouth at daycare, with symptoms starting last Friday.

Guess who lost every single day since taking care of them?

The symptoms have finally & almost completely cleared up, but it's now a long weekend, so both my kids are home through Monday.

I am officially 7-days behind in my schoolwork, with no reprieve in sight and all of my big projects are due this upcoming week, some of which require additional responses from professors and other sources I have yet to request.

Yup... That's a lot of 0% grades in my near future...

@trevorflowers Yeah, not much fun. But at least I didn't get hand, foot & mouth this time around (my eldest gave it to me a couple of years ago & I lost all my fingernails & toenails at the time, so gross).

Only a couple of weeks left to go, and then this diploma (my 4th) is done for good.

Just need to get 1/4th of the remaining marks and I'll have passed all the courses, even the BS ones.

@srgray You got this! Especially since it's not foot & mouth... that situation sounds *intense*.


Only 4% get it that bad. Of course, both my youngest (who has it now), and I (who caught it from the eldest a couple years back), are somehow in that 4%.

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